Pregnancy Tips

Planning to become pregnant?

Some things to know if you’re thinking about having a baby

Pregnancy checks

What is an LMC? Do I pay to see a midwife? Get more information about pregnancy checks, many of them free to all NZ mothers

Vaccinations and Medications during pregnancy

Find out how you can protect you and your baby through immunisations and safe medications

Healthy Eating

The right foods and drinks help you and your baby to thrive. Find out how much weight you should gain during pregnancy.

Movement and being active while you’re pregnant

Keeping active during pregnancy has many benefits to you and your baby.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs can harm your baby

Remember it’s never too late to stop. Get support that you may need.

Pregnancy Support

What assistance is available for parents?

Pregnancy and parenting education

Group sessions led by a trained educator are available in your region. Find out how you can join.

Feeling stressed?

Pregnancy can be an emotional time for mothers and fathers. You don’t need to go through it alone.

Labour & Birth

What to expect and how to prepare for baby’s arrival in to the world.